Details of a meeting between leaders of the alliance and the leadership of the National Army in Marib
- Tuesday, 02 April, 2019 - 04:25 PM
Details of a meeting between leaders of the alliance and  the leadership of the National Army in Marib

A military source revealed details of a meeting held last week between the military leaders of the Arab coalition countries and the national army leadership in Marib province, headed by The Vice President Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar on the fourth anniversary of the launch of the military action of the alliance in Yemen.


The meeting included the leaders of the sixth, seventh and third military regions. It was held at the camp of the alliance in Marib and was dedicated to assessing the achievements of the liberation in the fronts of the three military zones since last year till now.


A source who didn't want to be mentioned told "Almawqea Post" that The commander of the UAE forces, Brigadier General Ahmed Rashid Khalifa, rebuked the leaders of the three regions because of the lack of success untill now in these fronts and the absence of honest men from the leaders of the regions and fronts on which he depends.


The source clarified that Khalifa attributed the reason why the army did not advance in the front of Sarwah and Nehm, because of the weakness and failure of the forces and leaders to perform their duties.


According to the source, Brigadier General Khalifa said that the region's fighters were responsible for the weapons and ammunition used by the coalition and the armament department but the fact is that they are disappearing. The soldiers did not reach the line of fire, specifically in Sarwah Front, which is relys on the UAE forces in arming and feeding them.


He confirmed that the support of the coalition is still continuing to the fronts, but there must be a return result of this support on the ground, especially on the fronts of Marib. He also called for the need to highlight the role of government support for the national army.


According to the source, Khalifa said that the army leadership in Marib is the main reason why the alliance is relying on the tribes in the fronts, although there harm is more than there benefits.


The commander of the coalition forces Brigadier Ali Sayir Al-Anizi said that the role of the Yemeni government is absent in supporting and assigning troops in Marib, while spending billions on members of the diplomatic corps at home and abroad, according to the source.


According to the source, Al-Anizi said that his leadership is dissatisfied with the situation in the field in Marib and the failure of leaders at all levels.


Al-Anizi stressed on the need for a Yemeni government role and support for the fronts and accountability of the failures, wondering why they are not held accountable.


The Vice President Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, who chaired the meeting, asked the leaders of the three regions to present a summary of the military plans and stressed after the review on the need to quickly adopt and apply on the plans on ground.


The meeting comes at the end of a fourth year of the launch of the Arab coalition forces in Yemen, under the reason of the supporting the legitimate government as a result of the coup led by the Houthis by the end of 2014.