Al-Shalafi doubts Washington's ability to draw a quick map to solve the Yemeni crisis
- almawqeapost Sunday, 07 March, 2021 - 11:01 PM
Al-Shalafi doubts Washington's ability to draw a quick map to solve the Yemeni crisis

Yemeni journalist Ahmed Al-Shalfi questioned Washington's ability to draw a quick map for a solution in Yemen, which has been witnessing a war for six years.


"Although I encourage American ideas to stop the war in Yemen, I doubt Washington's ability to draw a quick map for a solution," Al-Shalfi said in a series of tweets he posted on his Twitter account.


He pointed out that this, of course, is not a diminution of America's ability as an international power, but because of the absence of an American vision for the situation in Yemen for years, not to mention a feeling that the Biden administration needs a while to dismantle the crisis.


He added, "The Pentagon's statement that the problems of the Middle East cannot be solved without resolving the Iranian nuclear file refers to the fact that all crises, including Yemen, will be solved through external parties, and this is a correct vision if America wants to solve the situation temporarily."


"It is true that Iran has a long hand in the Yemeni file, but the internal roots of the conflict are deeper" Al-Shafli added.


He also wrote:"The external factor is important and influential and it is clear that Yemen has become a battlefield by proxy, but the American envoy must sit down with the local parties without exception to understand the situation and build a real sustainable peace mechanism. Without this, the new American approach will seem just an attempt to say (we are here) and in general the time remains early."


"The war in Yemen began in the era of democrats, specifically during the era of President Obama and Vice President Biden, who became president, and it would be a complete failure if the democratic administration continued to treat crises in the same way and not with final solutions to conflicts" Al-Shafli pointed out.


He emphasized that the final solution to the Yemeni war is internal, not external.


On January 10, the US State Department announced its intention to designate the Houthi group a "terrorist organization", and to impose sanctions on its leader Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi and two leaders in the group, and it starts taking place on the 19 of the same month, that is, one day before the end of Trump's administration.


After Biden took over, his administration announced that it had begun reviewing the classification of the Houthi group in Yemen as a terrorist organization, which is the organization that includes in its slogan "Death to America."


On February 6, the US State Department informed the Congress, that the ministry’s intention is to cancel the designation of the Houthi group in Yemen as a "terrorist organization" which is the designation in which the ministry considers that it has harmed the provision of humanitarian aid to the victims in Yemen, which is agreed upon by international relief organizations.


Since Biden arrived at the White House, his administration has unveiled a new policy towards Saudi Arabia, coinciding with the new president stopping American support for the Yemen war, and appointing an envoy there in order to push for a diplomatic solution.